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Becoming a Freemason means you’ll be joining about 175,000 members throughout England and Wales, as well as Districts overseas.

Membership is open to people from all backgrounds and the organisation’s aim is to empower members to be the best they can be – it’s about building character, supporting members as individuals and helping them make a positive contribution to society.

We have more than 170 Lodges, with any man over the age of 18 welcome to join, irrespective of their race or religion. Students are also able to join one of University Scheme Lodges.

There are two essential requirements to becoming a Freemason. You must be of good character, and you must believe in God, be it Christian, Muslim, Sikh, Hindu or Jewish etc. Your belief will not be questioned; however we do not accept atheists, agnostics or polytheists.

There are several ways to become a Freemason. If you don’t know anyone who is a member and that you can talk to, then use the steps below.

How to become a Freemason

  • 1


    Locate the area that is nearest to you

    find your nearest Masonic centre by using the where we meet page here

  • 2


    Register your interest

    Then register your interest by using the form below or on the where we meet page, which will then be forwarded on.

  • 3

    A representative will be in touch

    A local Freemason will then be in touch to tell you more about Freemasonry and answer any questions you may have.

  • 4


    Re- joining ?

    If you’re interested in re-joining Freemasonry, you can use the same form.

Membership Enquiries
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